What We Do


 Site Prep & Finish Work

  • Grading of Gravel Parking Lots and Roadways.

  • Excavation under roadways and in waterways while being cognizant of wildlife and pollution hazards involved.

  • Embankment projects with Native and foreign material used.

Pipe Work

Poly & Corrugated Steel

  • Under road corrugated Steel Pipe up to 6 feet in diameter and spanning 56' in length. 

  • Polyethylene Alfalfa pipe installed at a 300' length and 12" Diameter. 

  • Stock tank waterers piped into natural springs running a length of up to 600'. 


Structural & Flatwork

  • Boat Ramp

  • Push-in slab 

  • Irrigation junction boxes

  • Headwall up to 14' tall

  • Piers

  • Custom colored


Structurally Certified Welding Projects

  • Pipe Welds and Repairs

  • Grate Covers, Catwalks & Walkways

  • Corrals and Galvanized Ranch Bracing

  • ADA Handrail and Pedestrian Rail


Highway & Residential

  • Chain Link

  • Wildlife

  • Barbed Wire 

  • Post & Pole

  • Jackleg


River & Irrigation

  • Erosion & Sediment Control

  • Ditch Cutting & Lining

  • Edge & French Drain

  • Drainage & Slope Issues

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