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Previously Completed projects are also listed below.


Rockvale - Laurel 2 Lanes Fencing

MT Department of Tranportation
Rockvale - Laurel 2 Lanes Fencing

3 Bull Contracting LLC Built over 20 miles of fence within the 3 year project including 8 foot tall chain link on a Radius 39" Woven Wire on Wood posts and various other 4,5 & 6 Wire fencing. Over 1,000 braces were installed on this project with approximately half being welded on-site 4" Galvanized Steel Pipe. 3 Bull Contracting LLC also installed over 30 cattleguards, some at a rate of 2 per day. An 8' Natural spring Stock Tank was also trenched and plumbed in with a concrete bottom.


Lewistown - West Overpass Rail & Fence

MT Department of Transportation

3 Bull Contracting LLC installed over 1,200 feet of railing on this project for the Lewistown - West walking path. 4 Different types of fence were included on the project including a 7'-3 barbed security fence with rolling gates and several types of ranch style fence.


Rosebud Boat Ramp

Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks

The project was to remove and replace existing cement boat ramp and alleviate swells on the side causing erosion of banks on both sides. The banks on both sides were regraded and class 3 riprap was added to prevent further deterioration to the bank. The use of a 130' Floating Turbidity Curtain was installed to protect the swift-moving Yellowstone River from sediment and debris while construction was underway. The existing parking lot was also extended. No change orders were issued on the project and work was completed on time with no additional days needed.


MT S-322 Culvert Replacement

Montana Department of Transportation - Glendive Maintenance Division

Job was initially to replace only 2 – 6’ by 56’ culverts, with 14' Headwalls. At pre-construction conference it was decided that an additional 4’ by 66’ culvert would be change ordered into the contract because of fast moving erosion and road degradation that had not been observed the prior year when the contract was proposed for construction.

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Security Fencing for the Carbon County - MT Department of Transportation Maintenance Yard